Massachusetts Statewide Grant Program

What is MSDN AA?

MSDN AA is an annual membership program for high schools and college departments that teach and use technology, such as computer science, engineering, and information systems.
As members, high schools and colleges receive a suite of software from Microsoft. This includes the latest Microsoft development tools, Teaching Tools CD, Student Tools CD documentation, and technical references. Microsoft Office and games are not included. Students and faculty have access to the included tools on their personal computers and in computer labs. These software tools will bring academic labs, faculty, and students up to the leading edge of software development technology.

Where can I find out more about MSDN AA?
See the MSDN AA FAQ for details about the program.
How do I apply for the MSDN AA grant?
Please fill out the MSDN AA Massachusetts Statewide Grant Application and send it in e-mail to

See also the Web Development course and related curriculum materials that use the Microsoft Expression Suite software that is included in this grant program.