Jim Brazell
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Whyville is a virtual world where boys and girls from all over the real
world come to chat, play, learn, and have fun together. You design your
face, earn clams by playing games, hang out at the beach, and go to town
events at the Greek Theater. You can start your own business, buy a car and
give your friends a ride, or write for the town newspaper.

Hop on this helicopter to take a tour of our world!


The protagonist of Immune Attack is a teenaged prodigy in the near-future
with a unique immunodeficiency in which the immune system is "present, yet
non-functional" - as if all the immune cells have forgotten what to do. The
hero decides to take matters into her own hands, and allies herself with a
team of scientists to create a nanobot with the abilities to teach cells how
to fight bacterial and viral infections.

The player assumes the role of a pilot remote-controlling the nanobot
Explorer. With the help of advisors, the player must learn about the
different cells and environments in the human body in order to determine how
to train the immune system. Visual and audio clues in the game provide the
information needed to accomplish this goal.

Each subsequent level of Immune Attack features a different infection, and a
different cell type the player must train. Cells trained on previous levels
are available for deployment as well, allowing the user to make use of a
wide range of agents to accomplish their mission.

Immune Attack is now available for free download.